From the initial enquiry to the (very quick) delivery, I have smiled all the way. The friendly help, enthusiasm and professionalism shown by Tim, Hilary and all at the factory has been great. I am very satisfied which is unusual for me. Many thanks again for the very smooth transaction. Pity you can’t supply the weather to go with it.

– Steve Farrant

We are now flying our new Ultramagic 300 which as expected was delivered early. Once again we were delighted with the build standard, a flawless envelope and lots of small details which demonstrate the care and attention that Carlos and Josep give to their products.

– Ted Moore

Having been previosly impressed with our Ultramagic M105,both in quality & value for money,I have purchased a complete M90 from Ultramagic. I would highly recomend you give them a try if you are in the market for a new balloon.

– Graham Holtam

Despite several changes to design and specification, the envelope was delivered in time, to budget and to delight of the sponsors. The encouragement, factory support and the performance of the duo bottom end -even in the extremes of the Himalayas - was absolutely spot-on.

– Mark Warne
Everest07 Team Girlguides

Just a short note to say how pleased we are with the new balloon. It flies beautifully and looks great, we have had a lot of very complimentary feedback from our clients. I am particularly impressed with the improved rapid deflation system, which enables me to land in fast wind speeds with complete confidence in fairly tight spots!

– Stuart Seager
Champagne Flights

Not only was I treated very hospitably by all at the factory for my pre-delivery test flight but the balloon was also conveniently delivered to my house. It has been a great pleasure dealing with Ultramagic and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone wishing to buy a new envelope.

– Mike Scholes

Everything about this envelope from the initial enquiry to delivery has been first class. The build quality at least equals that of any other manufacturer I have come across during fourteen years as a balloon pilot. Ultramagic's pricing makes their products extremely attractive, but in no way do they compromise on quality or service in order to achieve this. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ultramagic to anyone who is considering buying new balloon equipment

– Richard Tillson