Envelopes - Tekno Series

16 vertical load tapes

Deflation System: Parachute deflation system

Standard: 8 wire, Full 1.5m height Nomex base, choice of 7 standard colours. Ultralite fabric as standard

Optional Extras : FDS, Rotation vents, velcro for banners. Scoop.

Sizes : 50,000 cu ft

More information about the Tekno envelope

Specially designed for pilots who travel a lot and need a light weight easy pack balloon or that just need a balloon that is easy to handle with minimum crew.
The super light "Teckno 50" envelope weights less than 50Kg including bag.

This 16 gore 8 wire easy to inflate envelope packs down into a bag no larger than that normaly used for a 31!

Made complete with Ultralite fabric the envelope uses the latest light weight kevlar® load tapes as well as a number of other innovative weight saving materials.

Tekno Series examples

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