Envelopes - MV (Racer) Series

24 vertical load tapes,

Standard: Full 1.5m height Nomex base, choice of 22 standard colours. Ultralast fabric to parachute and top 5 panels as standard. 6 clear windows

Deflation System: Parachute deflation system

Optional Extras: Ultralast fabric, special colours, Fast deflation System (FDS) and 6 extra clear windows.

Sizes: 56,000 to 77,000 cu ft

More information about the MV Series Envelopes

In 1996 Ultramagic made a giant step forward in the world of competition ballooning. The Racer was born. This was the first time that a balloon had been designed, developed and produced especially for the demanding requirements of balloon competition.

The goal was to produce a balloon with such a shape so as to perform the maximum rate of ascent and descent whilst avoiding deformation of the envelope, thereby improving the precision on approaching the target.

The MV series (The Racer) is now seen as the "bench mark standard " of competition balloons, which all others manufacturers strive to match.

MV (Racer) Series examples

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