Burners - Power Plus Maxi

This special main valve action has tremendous feel and gives you the option to independently operate the normal main action part of the burner by engaging the first phase only.

More information about the Power Plus Maxi Burner

However if you then press the valve action an extra step you then engage phase two of the burner giving you the “plus” part of powerplus. The Powerplus Maxi is larger than the Powerplus and has a unique roundbreaking coil design. This is a very powerfull burner designed especially with the commercial balloon pilot in mind.

The Powerplus Maxi double is certified for use with Ultramagic balloons from 180,000 cu ft to 300,000 cu ft. If you want that special super powerful burner to add real security to your flying then the Powerplus Maxi double is for you.

Power Plus Maxi examples

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