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Long Distance Flight over the Alps

We are very fortunate to have been part of a very special flight in the Ecomagic N180 balloon ‘Aconcagua’ from the 35th festivalde balloon in Chateau D’oex.

Founder of Ultramagic Josep Maria LLadó is very famous for his amazing ballooning adventures and so when we were invited to join for the flight in Aconcagua we didn’t need asking twice.

Aconcagua is a very special balloon as the top ½ of the envelope is built in special Ecomagic fabric, this is a two layer material that acts as an insulator which in turn results in amazing fuel efficiency.

Some 50% more fuel efficient that standard Hot Air Balloons.

After lifting off from the launch field at Chateau D’oex alongside Christoph Meyer also in an Ecomagic balloon we quickly climbed to altitudes of around 17,000ft where the views of the Alps were simply awesome. Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn could clearly be seen.

Once at this altitude the speeds were also very good to make a long distance across the Alps and then onto Italy with maximum speeds of over 120 kph (75mph!)

These sorts of speeds allowed the crossing of the Alps quickly and in just 4hours and 20 minutes Aconcagua had landed 10kn North West of Ferrara in Italy.

We flew 4 hours and 20 minutes, using 260 litres of gas including the inflation. With 5 persons on board and 320 litres of gas we had at least for another hour’s duration. We could have approached to land nearer the coast, but past experiences told us it is more sensible to land further inland.

Balloons made using Ecomagic fabric are available as an option across all Ultramagic envelopes and offer huge savings on fuel consumption. Please ask us for details.

If you would like to see further details of this flight and other Ultramagic adventures please visit

New Lightweight H-65

We thought we would share these lovely pictures with you from Mondovi. Neil and Caroline took delivery of their new H65 G-CHND complete with lightweight Tekno basket on Christmas eve, what a great present. The balloon is built entirely of Ultralight fabric making the whole kit very easy to handle and fuel efficient. In fact Neil and Caroline managed to get there whole new balloon into the boot of their estate car for the trip to Mondovi.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish them many happy hours in their new balloon and thank you them for sharing these wonderful pictures.


Photos courtesty of Giovanni Comollo

Photo Competition Winner

We are delighted Phil Hooper of Bristol, has won the Ultramagic calendar competition and bagged himself a load of Ultramagic goodies.

Phil’s reflection shot of Ultramagic UK operations very own MV65 Racer ‘Kewtech’ in the early morning light over Billing Aquadrome.

Says Phil:

‘The photo that got chosen to be August in next year’s Ultramagic Balloons calendar was taken at the Northampton Balloon Festival 2012.

I managed to get a flight on board the Kewtech Racer (G-OKEW) with my good friend, and fellow pilot Chris Freeman. The winds were nice and slow and we managed to steer the balloon towards one of the big lakes, and of course we couldn’t resist having a go at a splash and dash! Chris had the first go, and whilst he was slowly bringing the balloon down to water level, it was the perfect chance for me to get some nice reflection shots of the balloon. I took about 8 in total, and only one was really worth the effort! I then took over to show Chris how to do a splash and dash properly, and then we shared the flying over the rest of the flight!

The photo was submitted to the Ultramagic Balloons photo competition and nothing more was thought about it. Then in November I got an email to say I that I was one of the winners!

I have been taking photos of ballooning for many years, but never have any of them been submitted to a competition, so I’m really pleased to have won this.

With many thanks to Ultramagic I now have a nice range of clothing, stickers, hats and calendars – Although I certainly don’t suit a baseball cap!!

A big thank you to Richard Penney and Chris Freeman as well!’

The Ultramagic calendar has become legendry and this year is no exception with many hundreds of entries received from around the world every year.

This year the focus of the Calendar is entitled Innovation Spirit – Go beyond the horizon and features 12 stunning photographs from as far afield as Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland and of course the UK!

The first 25 of you to click on the ‘Contact us page’ and submit your address details titling it Ulramagic Calendar, will receive your very own copy of the calendar absolutely free of charge by post.

Ultramagic UK Long Jump

Ultramagic UK's Richard Penney was joined by Chris Freeman on their Long Jump attempt in October 2012. The Long Jump is held every year in the UK and is a competition as to who can fly the furthest distance in the British Isles in one flight.

Richard and Chris came second, having completed 176.35 miles on 5 October. They were beaten by Andrew Gregory and Rob Bayly who clocked up 254 miles!

Read all the reports on the Long Jump website

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