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Queens Cup 2013

Congratulations from the Worldwide Ultramagic team to Richard Parry of the UK on winning the Queens Cup Balloon Race held in Bristol over the weekend 5th and 6th October.

Richard was flying his 2004 Ultramagic M90 G KEWT, which soared to victory landing Sunday evening 312 km from the start point on Saturday morning.

Special congratulations must also go to the top five competitors Dominic Bareford, Andrew Holly, Marcus Green and Richard Penney. Four out of the top five balloons in the competition were flying Ultramagic balloons.

The competition involved all the participants launching from the same place, Queen Square, in Bristol. Aeronauts flew as far as they can, before the end of the competition (probably lunchtime the next day). They were allowed to land to refuel the balloon, and should have taken off from the same field where they land (but are allowed to move the balloon if it proves to be necessary, as long as the next take-off site is closer to the launchsite than the previous landing site). There must have been two or more people in the basket, and there was a maximum size of balloon that can be used, with a maximum altitude imposed and transponders banned to prevent some balloons having an unfair advantage. 

Pilots must have carried an onboard logging device, and observers were used, who reported the takeoff and landing details of every balloon to the competition centre. 

At the end of the allowed time period, the balloon who had travelled furthest in a straight line from the common launch point was the winner. This means that only the pilot's furthest landing point was considered in working out the distance flown, rather than adding up all the individual flights made to get there. 
The Queen's Cup is the oldest sporting trophy in the UK, dating from 1719. It has the Royal Arms on one side and the words “The Queen’s Air Race Challenge Cup” on the other. It was presented by Prince Andrew to the RAeC in 2010, is to be awarded for air racing, and is open to any member Association within the RAeC.

Photo courtesy of Dan Whitelock

Success of Ultramagic UK Grass Roots 2013

Despite the event being rolled by a couple of weeks we saw a fantastic attendance at what has become the Grass Roots event of the year.

Starting with an informal flight on the Friday evening for those pilots that had arrived early, were treated to a perfect late summer evening of flying with gentle breezes out towards the east.

For those who are not familiar with the area promotes fantastic laid back flying with no airspace to contend with and no shortage of easy landing sites in large open harvested fields.

Tim Wilkinson and Family (owners and managers of Sackville Flying Club) then welcomed every tem back, and new arrivals, with home cooked food and a well-stocked bar!

Several more teams arrived late on Friday which meant a fantastic turn out for the Saturday morning flight. The weather dawned bright and with a brisk gradient allowed for the Hare and Hounds and Distance competition to be run.

The hare this year was the new Ultramagic Tekno 70 balloon in its distinctive orange and black livery it was an easy to spot when following and piloted by Richard Penney made the choice of setting target in the school playing fields of Kimbolton school and because of its Spanish History seemed rather apt.

Kimbolton Castle has a rich history that has seen it transform and develop from a wooden motte and bailey castle, into the building it is today. Since its creation it has been home to several significant historical people, including Katharine of Aragon, who died here in 1536.

Katherine was of course Spanish born in Aragon just 150 miles from Igualada. (Home of Ultramagic in Catalonia) She held the position of ambassador for the Spanish Court in England, becoming the first female ambassador in European history, Catherine subsequently married Arthur's younger brother, the recently succeeded Henry VIII, in 1509.

In all nine markers were dropped in the field, some in the trees which we didn’t count! And the winner was Graham Houston with a drop of just 6 meters from the target. Graham took home a very nice Basket Tidy as a prize.

Kevin Graham flying his Ultramagic S90 won the long distance competition covering a brilliant 50 miles in 2.5 hours. Well done Kevin who won a new Ultramagic Flight Bag.

Despite there being rain and wind during Saturday it allowed some rest for the teams before the clouds cleared and the wind eased, enough for nearly all the balloons present to fly.

This flight the target was set some miles from the airfield and meant that only three balloons managed to drop a marker in the field. The closest was 60 meters away and Rob Bayly won himself a Drop Line.

A great party was has by all on Saturday evening again hosted by Tim and family.

Unfortunately Sunday dawned misty and with a very strong gradient wind the flying was cancelled but we hope everyone that attended left very happy!

We look forward to welcoming you at Ultramagic UK Grass Roots 2014.

More photos to follow soon

Northampton Balloon Festival 2013

Celebrating its 5th year since moving from The Racecourse to its new format at Billing Aquadrome. For the second year running, Ultramagic UK were represented with 2 balloons at Northampton Balloon Festival. . Despite the original forecast, there were a total of 3 flights throughout the weekend, including Friday night where our MV65 Racer (Kewtech) was first to depart the arena to massive cheers from the crowd.

Saturday morning saw the second launch with around 30 balloons drifting towards Wellingborough and Burton Latimer with our Ultramagic 77 landing just east of Wellinborough.

Unfortunately due to the weather conditions during the rest of the weekend, the Saturday evening & Sunday morning flights were cancelled and the night glow was restricted to a basket glow only.

The weather conditions did improve on the Sunday evening to allow around 20 balloons to fly with our Ultramagic 77 landing in Strixton.

More photos to follow soon

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