Fresh is in the Air

Last Friday saw the maiden flight of a very special new balloon for Fresh Air.

The Ultramagic M105 sports the dazzling new Fresh Air Logo’s complete with splashes of colour and the special 40 year logo. We think it looks amazing and certainly won’t be missed in the sky.

Fresh Air are the the UK’s leading T Shirt Printers based in London, screen printing some 4 million T Shirts a year for some of the most iconic brands and stores.

You can see their amazing work at

Specially built to celebrate Fresh Air’s 40th birthday the balloon will be flown at a number of events throughout the UK this year.

Lee Craze (CEO of Fresh Air) is a balloon pilot as well as his brother Spencer. Spencer is a commercial pilot and will be taking the balloon on its travels around the UK.

Lee and Spencer are no strangers to ballooning their father Danny Craze was a balloon pilot back in the 1970’s with the eight of Hearts group based of course in Hertfordshire.

This is Fresh Air’s second balloon and the largest at 105 thousand cubic feet welcome to the growing Ultramagic family.

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