Magic in Japan

Ultramagic Racer pilots tremendous success!

  • Yudai Fujita wins Japan National championship for second consecutive time at Saga!
  • Yudai Fujita wins Saga Pacific cup!
  • Yudai Fujita wins Tochigi International Championship and thus wins Japan Grand Prix for the 5th time in a row!
  • 5 Ultramagic Racer pilots in the top 10 in each competition.
  • SAGA International Championship and Japan Nationals were held between 31st October and 4th November with 6 flights and 13 tasks.
  • TOCHIGI International Championships was held 20th to 24th November with 7 flights and 25 tasks in this most competitive event in Asia.

This was the final round of the Japan Grand Prix with Yudai winning and taking the championship for the 5th time. Something nobody has ever achieved before.

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