Fresh is in the Air

Last Friday saw the maiden flight of a very special new balloon for Fresh Air.

The Ultramagic M105 sports the dazzling new Fresh Air Logo’s complete with splashes of colour and the special 40 year logo. We think it looks amazing and certainly won’t be missed in the sky.

Fresh Air are the the UK’s leading T Shirt Printers based in London, screen printing some 4 million T Shirts a year for some of the most iconic brands and stores.

You can see their amazing work at

Specially built to celebrate Fresh Air’s 40th birthday the balloon will be flown at a number of events throughout the UK this year.

Lee Craze (CEO of Fresh Air) is a balloon pilot as well as his brother Spencer. Spencer is a commercial pilot and will be taking the balloon on its travels around the UK.

Lee and Spencer are no strangers to ballooning their father Danny Craze was a balloon pilot back in the 1970’s with the eight of Hearts group based of course in Hertfordshire.

This is Fresh Air’s second balloon and the largest at 105 thousand cubic feet welcome to the growing Ultramagic family.

Ultramagic announces new commercial manager

Ultramagic announces that Jordi Díaz Casaubón has been appointed as the new commercial manager.


Jordi, a qualified aeronautical engineer and balloon pilot has held to date a senior technical position within the Ultramagic organisation. His experience with customer support combined with his detailed knowledge of balloon design and production places him in a strong position to develop Ultramagic further as the world leader in hot air balloon design, production, sales and first and foremost customer service.


Carles Llado Costa, a joint founder of the Ultramagic balloon business, who has previously held this position, will no longer be taking an active day to day role within the company. He will however, as a shareholder and member of the Ultramagic board of directors, continue to be supportive of the company in an advisory role in its future development. Carles leaves Ultramagic to become managing director of his family owned balloon events management company. Carles plans and expects his new company to help developballooning further as a world wide sport and attraction whilst working closely with Ultramagic S.A.


Ultramagic offers its best wishes to Jordi and Carles in their new positions and looks forward to this exciting new stage in the development of the company and world ballooning in general.


For information on this news release contact


New UM Demo Balloon Testing All The Colours

I am sure that you all know about the extensive fabric testing equipment Ultramagic has in the factory fabric development and test laboratory. Over the years we have also tested fabric extensively built into the Ultramagic demonstrators and selected customers balloons. Many Ultralast balloons flight tested to 1000 hours and more.

This new demonstrator includes all the colours and fabrics on offer from Ultramagic. Here it is and it looks fantastic.

Look out for it at an event near you in 2014

Magic in Japan

Ultramagic Racer pilots tremendous success!

  • Yudai Fujita wins Japan National championship for second consecutive time at Saga!
  • Yudai Fujita wins Saga Pacific cup!
  • Yudai Fujita wins Tochigi International Championship and thus wins Japan Grand Prix for the 5th time in a row!
  • 5 Ultramagic Racer pilots in the top 10 in each competition.
  • SAGA International Championship and Japan Nationals were held between 31st October and 4th November with 6 flights and 13 tasks.
  • TOCHIGI International Championships was held 20th to 24th November with 7 flights and 25 tasks in this most competitive event in Asia.

This was the final round of the Japan Grand Prix with Yudai winning and taking the championship for the 5th time. Something nobody has ever achieved before.

Icicle 2014 Ultramagic UK scoop Long Distance Trophy

A very mild,  storm battered Britain this winter means there are defiantly no Icicles in site, but as usual the traditional Icicle Balloon meeting was held over the 1st weekend of January.

Balloonists from all over the UK gather in Berkshire for the annual Icicle meeting which hosts a very well attended trade fair and dinner at the Elcot park Hotel and generally serves as a great meeting hub for balloonists to gather have a chat and keep up with the latest innovations on offer over the whole weekend.

Due to the inclement weather the number of attendees was down on previous years but despite that the Ultramagic stand at the fair had a steady stream of visitors looking at the new Tekno ‘Large’ basket which was on display for the first time.

For those that attended the Saturday morning briefing at the new (very smart) launch site in nearby Marlborough were met by strong wind and rain as seems to be the norm this year.

Despite initial forecasts looking poor for the whole weekend, there was a glimmer of hope when a small ridge passed over the country during Saturday night into Sunday morning which allowed the skies to clear and the winds fall light if only for a few hours it was a flying slot!!

Richard Parry (winner of the Queens cup) joined the Ultramagic UK team to fly the new Tekno 70 system, a perfect balloon to fly in such conditions where the ground is so wet a carry out is not an issue.

As forecast Sunday dawned bright and clear but the wind was still a little brisk and already the high level cloud of the next approaching system was evident in the west we wasted no time in getting airborne from Marlborough Common. One of only five balloons to fly!

Initially staying low to try and get the first target there was not enough left in the wind to achieve this so we elected to climb and try to claim the long distance prize.

At 3000 ft. the winds were very strong with the GPS reading 55kph – perfect for winning the distance competition.

There was also some instability especially dropping down to low level but the power plus burner single proved itself yet again in maintaining level flight and arresting fast descents, we were thankful we had that and light weight kit for a small carry out was necessary in the end.

Finding a dryish field near a road was very difficult, and before we reached some very flooded areas approaching oxford we spotted a gently sloping grass field which was our final stopping point north of Farringdon after a 50 minute flight. The field was dry!

Ultramagic UK would like to thank the Dante group for once again organising such a fun event and picking up the distance prize an added bonus!

See you all at Icicle 2015

Photos Courtesy of Mark Neal & Ultramagic UK



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